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Lastolite Collapsible 6x7ft Background Black/WhiteLastolite Collapsible 6x7ft Background Black/White Ref: 6701
This NEW Lastolite background gives the versatility of a collapsible with the practicality of washable panels.

only a limited number at

this very special price !!

Price: 212.35 (Including VAT at 20%)

Lastolite Collapsible Reversible Background 5x6ftLastolite Collapsible Reversible Background 5x6ft Ref: 56
This extensive range of Collapsible backgrounds gives photographers the colours and patterns to express their creativity

All 5x6's in crease resistant fabrics. Seen here on the 1109 Support (sold separately).
SRP £99.99

spa photo special price

Price: 98.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Colours available

Stand for Collapsible BackgroundsStand for Collapsible Backgrounds Ref: 1109
The ideal support for collapsible backgrounds, making the perfect go-anywhere set up. The telescopic centre column adjusts for height and a special clip grips the edge of the background.

Price: 55.66 (Including VAT at 20%)

Chromakey 5x6ft Collapsible Reversible Blue/GreenChromakey 5x6ft Collapsible Reversible Blue/Green Ref: 5687
Genuine Chromakey Blue on one side, Green on the other. The sprung edge holds the background flat for ease of use and folds down into the zipped carry bag for storage. The collapsible backgrounds can be supported by the 1109 stand (not included, see support systems)
Background SRP £169.99.


Price: 163.39 (Including VAT at 20%)

Spa Photo | Lastolite | Backgrounds |  Collapsible Backgrounds