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Hide-Lite Zoom Spotting Scope and tripod Kit for Digiscoping 18~36x50Hide-Lite Zoom Spotting Scope and tripod Kit for Digiscoping 18~36x50 Ref: HIDELITE183650

The Hide-lite is a high quality and very rugged compact telescope combined with an ultra light weight tripod. High resolution prism and full multicoating for ultra clear and colour corrected viewing. Focusing is fast and positive, a 45 degree eyepiece makes the system incredibly comfortable.
The Hide-lite telescope is fully waterproof with a nitrogen filled body. In extremes of temperature and wet conditions the optic system will not fog, making rapid use possible.
The eyepiece features a zoom from 18x to 36x - we suggest use at around 25x for birdwatching, however, the ability to zoom up to 36x is great for viewing details.
The Hide-lite tripod can be used as a table top, or extended to around 130cm, ideal for use while seated.
The Hide-lite offers superb performance but at a very affordable price - it is the scope to carry everywhere
A camera adaptor is available as an optional extra allowing any film or digital SLR camera to be used with the Hide-Lite.

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The Spa Photo Hide-Lite Kit

 includes a water resistant

stay-on case for the scope

VT-6 Tripod, tripod case

and 30 year guarantee


Price: 132.76 (Including VAT at 20%)

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