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Cromatek Wedding KitCromatek Wedding Kit Ref: WK1
The Cromatek Wedding Kit comprises all of the essential filters for creative saleable wedding and portrait shots. The D501 Moderate Diffuser gives a gentle touch of softening to bridal portraits whilst the clear oval filters only soften or fade the edges (CC1, CS12 and D503). They can be controlled by varying the aperture or the slot in the matte box. High Key and Low Key vignetters are also included. This kit is for use with the Cromatek Matte Box.

Price: 47.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Cromatek Digital SLR Kit with FREE Matte BoxCromatek Digital SLR Kit with FREE Matte Box Ref: DK1
This Cromatek Filter Kit provides the essential filters for Digital photography and includes the Cromatek Matte Box free of charge.
The Neutral Density Graduated filter enables the photographer to control a bright sky and balance the exposure with the foreground without changing the colour balance.
Digital images often suffer from weak colour in bright light so a Circular Polariser gives rich colour saturation and also eliminates unwanted reflections from water and glass. The Circular Polariser also benefits from being properly shaded inside the Matte Box.
Giving an image a warm glow is easy with the 81B Warm-up Filter. No need for fiddling about with Photoshop!

Price: 61.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

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