Graduated Filters

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Cromatek Graduated Neutral DensityCromatek Graduated Neutral Density Ref: NDGRAD
Not to be confused with ordinary grey graduated filters, these are genuine Neutral Density, giving no change in colour to the image. They are 84x92mm to fit the Cromatek Matte Box or ProShade or other 84mm systems such as Cokin P.
They are available in three densities (see below).

Price: 27.56 (Including VAT at 20%)


Cromatek Graduated Filters 84x92mmCromatek Graduated Filters 84x92mm Ref: GRAD
Cromatek Graduated filters are 84x92mm for the Cromatek Matte Box, Cromatek ProShade, Cokin P holders and other 85mm systems. they can be adjusted to the correct position to coincide with the horizon or other aspects of the image. For colours see below.....

Price: 11.22 (Including VAT at 20%)


Spa Photo | Cromatek | Cromatek 75 |  Graduated Filters