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Cromatek ProShade 2Cromatek ProShade 2 Ref: PRO2
The Cromatek ProShade 2 combines the versatile Matte Box system with a classic bellows lens hood. ideal for both digital and film cameras, the ProShade 2 offers complete control over filter effects plus adjustable shading for different focal length lenses.

Price: 153.14 (Including VAT at 20%)

Cromatek Matte Box & BrochureCromatek Matte Box & Brochure Ref: FHB1
The famous Cromatek Matte Box has been used by professional photographers for many years for social, landscape and portrait work. Adaptor rings (not included) enable the matte box to be fitted to 35mm, medium/large format and digital cameras. See our other listings for adaptor rings including Hasselblad and Rolleiflex bayonet. Camera not included!

The most important features of the matte box are the built-in shade which encloses the front of the lens and any filters in use, and the spaced slots for filters and masks which give complete creative control of any effect. For example, using a vignetter filter, the amount of effect appearing on the image can be controlled by the choice of slot in the matte box and the aperture in use. Moving the filter further from the lens causes the effect to close in on the subject. Opening the aperture reduces the effect. The amount of effect relative to the subject can be seen in the viewfinder if your camera has depth of field preview.

Shading is created by the flip-open matte box which reveals the three filter slots and three gel/mask slots inside the box. In addition, graduated filters (same size as Cokin P) can be used in the external slot and can be moved up and down to adjust for the horizon etc. Shading is wide enough for a 28mm lens (on 35mm format). Wider lenses may create edge vignetting.

The Cromatek system offers a wide range of vignetters, edge softeners, black & white contrast, star, graduated, polariser and many others (not included). Ask us to email the full price list.


Price: 9.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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