Delkin ExpressCard 34 Solid State Drive  Ref: Express 34
Rugged, durable and more stable than traditional magnetic HDDs, Delkin's SSDs are made with non-volatile NAND flash. These drives, have no mechanical failure points therefore, have a higher tolerance to shock/vibration, temperature, and altitude.
Solid State technology eliminates seek time and rotational latency as the drive doesn't have to spin up to run. Users can increase efficiency by storing and booting operating systems and other applications directly from the SSD instead of a traditional HDD.
Power Consumption
Because SSDs have no mechanical parts to draw power, they use much less energy than traditional hard disc drives and even hybrid drives. For the mobile user, SSD is the ideal storage solution.
Delkin's PCI-E ExpressCard SSDs are currently available in 32GB capacity with larger capacities coming soon. Delkin's SSDs utilize the PCI-E interface which provides faster read/write speeds than the USB 2.0 interface.
Tech Specs
36 MB/sec read.
16 MB/sec write.
Supports Window's ReadyBoost to improve system memory and increase performance.