Yukon Ranger Digital Night Vision 5x42 with FULL UK GUARANTEE Yukon Ranger Digital Night Vision 5x42 with FULL UK GUARANTEE  Ref: Y28041
Because the unit uses a CCD with the image viewed on a built-in LCD screen, the unit cannot be damaged by bright light sources. Variable gain contol allows you to adjust the image based on an individual scenes lighting level.

The built-in high power Infrared Illuminator - the right-hand lens of the device - is covert (invisible to the human eye at approx. 940nm) and throws a beam out to over 100m. In ultra low light levels this provides the unit with its own light source. The power output of the illuminator is also controllable offering maximum flexibility in image brightness/contrast.

The unit offers true 5x optical image magnification through the left hand lens of the device. Currently competitive products can only achieve higher magnifications through digital magnification which means a loss of resolution.

A Video Out facility (lead included) means that the unit can be linked to a recording device such as a DVD Recorder/Video Recorder /Camcorder or alternatively to a monitor.

Running on 6 x AA sized batteries, the unit is supplied with two battery cradles (for quick battery change), a 12V car adaptor and a UK mains lead. The unit will happily accept the latest NiMH rechargeable batteries - in fact, these are the recommended power source when out in the field. See our recommended Delkin battery kit below.
A screw thread is built-in to the base allowing attachment to a tripod.