Bowens BW1024 Eco Halostar Modelling Bulb - 205w

Replacement or spare E27 205W modelling lamp for use with Bowens monolights on 230V power supplies.

Compatible products for this modelling lamp
Current Range:
• Gemini 200Rx • Gemini 400Rx • Gemini 500R • Gemini 500Pro • Gemini 750Pro

Discontinued Range:
• Gemini GM200 • Gemini GM400 • Gemini 250 Classic • Gemini 500 Classic
• Esprit 125 • Esprit 200 • Esprit 250 • Esprit 500 • Esprit 750

Why does it look different?
The new ECO Halostar 205W modelling lamp has the same light output as the old 250W Halostar but has a lower power draw, making it more energy efficient.

*The BW1024 Halostar Modelling Lamp is the correct modelling lamp for all 230V Bowens monolights listed above.
These lamps have a clear glass finish, tests have indicated this lamp has an equivalent output to 250W, the same as the old lamp which had a frosted finish.

Where possible we suggest you minimize handling of modelling lamps especially when they are hot and switch off when not in use.

Price: 11.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Bowens BW1024 Eco Halostar Modelling Bulb - 205w