Braun Novamat 35mm Slide Projector E130 Autofocus

Easy to use quality slide projector with auto focus. This NEW model has remote cable slide change and infrared auto focus. Super sharp resolution from the Paxon 85mm lens and brilliant illumination from the 150w halogen lamp.
Braun Novamat 35mm Slide Projector E130 Autofocus Ref: BNE130AF
* Suitable for 3 magazine systems: Universal-, CS- and LKM-magazines
* Infrared autofocus system for automatic adjustment
* Wired Remote Control for slide changing forward and reverse
* Halogen lamp 24V / 150W
* Slide lift for easy projection of single slides. Ideal for pre-viewing and sorting of slides
* Anti jamming system
* Mains switch
* Multicoated standard lens Color Paxon 1:2,8 / 85 mm MC , ideal for normal room size
* Dimensions approx.: 245 x 245 x 123 mm
* Weight approx.: 3.500 g
* Made in Germany
* Spa Photo kit comes complete with lens, halogen lamp, Universal magazine and two year warranty.

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