Delkin Archival Gold DVD-R Scratch Armor (25)

Stocks of the Delkin Archival Gold DVD-R are now very limited as they will soon be discontinued. For those of you who need more for your projects, now would be a good time to order before they are all sold.

Delkin Archival Gold CD-R Scratch Armor (25 spindle)
How do Archival Gold CD-Rs differ from standard discs on the market? The most noticeable difference is that inferior quality discs typically have a limited useful life of 1 to 5 years. Exposure to natural elements like UV light, heat, and humidity as well as cheap manufacturing techniques and inferior design will cause quick deterioration to most CD's over time. In contrast, thirty percent of the cost of producing a Delkin Archival Gold disc can be attributed to the use of 24 karat gold, one of the most inert elements on earth. More importantly, gold is proven to be highly effective in preventing oxidation, which is the classic cause of disc failure. Delkin's unique Scratch Armor resistant coating serves as an additional guard from scratches, scuff, dirt and even chemicals, adding ten times more protection than similar uncoated media.
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Price: 89.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Delkin Archival Gold DVD-R Scratch Armor (25)