Delkin Compact Flash Card 1000x UDMA 7 HD Video & RAW

The Delkin CF 1000x memory card is designed to excel in DSLR cameras and advanced camcorders that require the fastest speeds and the most specialized performance features. With capabilities to write data at speeds over 80MB/, built in UDMA 7 support, and VPG (Video Performance Guarantee) profiling, the CF 1000X card supports unlimited continuous bursts in some UDMA 7 enabled DSLRs, under and over cranking for professional film-making, and promises not to drop frames or slow your camera's buffer, even in the most demanding shooting or recording scenarios. Unlike memory cards that are mass-built in overseas facilities, the Delkin CF 1000X card is built with carefully chosen and controlled components to increase longevity, reliability and overall quality. Designed, engineered and built in San Diego, California and supported by a Lifetime Warranty.
16gb and 32gb are 150MB/s Read, 50MB/s Write with VPG
64gb, 128gb and 26gb are 150MB/s Read, 80MB/s Write with VPG

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Delkin Compact Flash Card 1000x UDMA 7  HD Video & RAW