Delkin Dual Universal Charger and LPE6 Battery Kit

The Delkin Dual Universal Charger Kit contains:-

1 x Dual Universal Charger with lead and UK plug (EU plug available as an alternative)

1 x Delkin LPE6 Battery compatible with Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon EOS 60D and Canon EOS 7D

2 x Delkin Charging Plates for LPE6 (see below for the list of other available charging plates)

1 x Delkin Car Charging lead

The award-winning Delkin Dual Universal Battery Charger is compatible with nearly every digital camera battery model on the market and will ensure that users are prepared in even the most demanding shooting situations. Simultaneously charge any combination of 2 camera specific batteries or full set of four AA rechargeables without hindering speed and efficiency. With both sides being monitored and controlled on an individual circuit, there is no need to wait on one set of batteries to fully charge before inserting the second! This all-in-one unit provides the simple solution to lugging around several different DSLR chargers, allowing users to focus on getting the perfect shot.

Delkin's Dual Universal Charger utilizes the same lithium-ion charging methodology as your original device manufacturer, meaning your batteries will never be carelessly "quick charged." Rather, this unit utilizes a protective constant voltage throughout the cycle. LED gauges on both sides of the unit allow users to accurately regulate progress in 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% increments to reduce overall charge time while ensuring the longevity of your battery cells.
Additional battery charging plates can be purchased separately for most camera batteries, so for example, you can charge your LPE6 on one side and four AAs on the other or two LPE6 batteries at the same time. Unlike most universal chargers, Delkin's is paired with superior quality single-model slider plates that ensure ease of use without sacrificing efficiency to accommodate many different battery types. The Delkin charger is also internally equipped with an automatic 110/220V switch to prevent overheating.

This kit also has one Delkin LPE6 battery.
Delkin's non-OEM LPE-6 rechargeable battery guarantees optimal performance with your compatible Canon digital camera, camcorder or charging unit. This smart replacement/spare power source is built to nearly the exact specifications of the original model. Manufactured with the highest quality Lithium-ion cells, Delkin Power DSLR batteries ensure longer performance during and between charges while limiting risk of failure. Backed by our trusted two-year warranty.

Lithium-ion cells promise a lightweight high-capacity power source, with absolutely no memory effect. This means no unexpected loss of charge over time or during extended use, a common attribute of nickel-cadmium cells. Unlike other rechargeables, Delkin Power batteries do not require fully charging or periodic discharging. In contrast, similar nickel-based batteries lose an average of 1-5% of their charge per day, whether in use or storage.
Advanced safety features and non-toxic metal manufacturing eliminate any possibility of overheating or short circuiting.

Charging Plates and compatible batteries are also available (not included) for:-

Canon BP511 Canon BP808/819/827 Canon LPE5 Canon LPE6 Canon LPE8 Canon NB1LH Canon NB2LH Canon NB3L
Canon NB4L Canon NB5L Canon NB6L Canon NB7L Canon NB8L
Nikon ENEL1 Nikon ENEL3e Nikon ENEL5 Nikon ENEL8 Nikon ENEL9 Nikon ENEL12
Olympus BLM1 Olympus LI10B/LI12B OLYMPUS LI42B
Leica M8 Casio NP20 Casio NP40
Panasonic S005 Panasonic S006 Panasonic S007
Sony NPBG1 Sony NPF550 Sony NPFT1 Sony NPFR1 Sony NPFE1
Konica Minolta NP400 Fuji NP40
A plate is also available for 4 x AA or AAA batteries.

Price: 59.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Delkin Dual Universal Charger and LPE6 Battery Kit