PVC Graduated Photo Background 80x110cm Product/ebay Mid Blue/ Light Blue/White

PVC Graduated backgrounds add extra colour and depth to your table top photography.
It is easy to repeat the same effect time after time as the grads are made from
durable wipe down PVC.

Available in several colours all of which fade to white. This one is mid blue/light blue/white. Brand New.
Sheet size: 80x110cm (31" x43"). There is a darker blue available, see our other listings.

Easy to repeat the same effect time after time

Expand your creative skills with these special-purpose backgrounds. These synthetic graduated PVC backgrounds allow you to produce interesting lighting effects quickly and easily, saving hours getting the same effects using single-tone backgrounds.

Each sheet features a smooth, graduated colour from white to colour. The silky-matte, non-glare surface is specially designed to minimize hot spots on the background, thus simplifying your setup. The PVC base and colours will not absorb water, making these backgrounds ideal for working with liquids, ice or other materials that would quickly destroy a paper background.

Care and Handling
While these PVC backgrounds are made to be durable, extreme care should be used when handling. Though this material is moisture resistant, some liquids may stain the applied colour surface. Be sure to test on a small patch outside the image area first. For simple water residue, a soft damp cloth can be used to gently blot the affected area. Due to the unique manufacturing process, we do not recommend wiping the surface with any cloth or cleaning agent as that may result in streaking or could change the surface quality of the backdrop. Care should also be taken to avoid scratching the surface with any sharp objects.

(Please note - Slight variations in colour may exist between the product image on the website and the actual product due to differences between monitor colour profiles.)
Packed in a cardboard tube for protection and easy transportation

Price: 29.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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PVC Graduated Photo Background 80x110cm Product/ebay Mid Blue/ Light Blue/White