SRB ND Fader Filter 77mm

The SRB ND Fader Filter (also known as Variable ND) is an easy way to control the amount of light reaching your lens. This gives the photographer greater creativity in managing motion, motion blur and depth of field. The stepless rotating mount gives Neutral Density between 2 stops and 8 stops so that the effect on the image can be varied. For example, by controlling the aperture in use, backgrounds can be rendered out of focus to make the subject stand out. The movement of swaying trees or a waterfall can be blurred but importantly, this can be adjusted until the effect is just right, not just a blurred mess as can happen with fixed ND filters which offer no variability.

Smooth rotating action allowing ease of use
Supplied in plastic case
Allows blurring of movement such as clouds or running water
Neutral Density ranging from 2 stops to 8 stops

Other sizes available

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Price: 38.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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SRB ND Fader Filter 77mm