Delkin Archival Gold CD-R Scratch Armor (25 spindle)  Ref: DDCDRSA25
Although many professionals carelessly choose to safeguard their images on a hard drive, there are several disadvantages to using this type of storage system. In fact, using any form of mechanical hardware presents the risk of physical breakage or outright failure, with little hope of retrieving your valuable data. Furthermore, it is impossible to ensure that the data on a hard drive has not been modified, which is especially important in the case of event photographers that may need to occasionally refer back to their original images. Archival Gold discs conveniently ensure that your data has not been tampered with, modified or rewritten. Similarly, solid state devices like CompactFlash cards are limited to a 10-year retention rate. Because all Flash memory cards require a periodic surge of electricity to continue working properly over time, this means that leaving your archived card unused for too long can result in permanent data loss.

In order to fully understand the benefits that Archival Gold storage offers, it is important to appreciate the intricate technique used to manufacture each of these remarkable CD-Rs. While traditional discs are built in 5 standard layers and intended for short-term use, our extra layer CD-Rs are manufactured with the following strict design standards:

1- The first layer, consisting of polycarbonate substrate, serves as a basis for the disc's physical form. Although it is important to keep this exposed layer protected from damage, it is a common misconception that it is the only layer that must remain free from environmental contact- especially because it does not hold any digital data.
2- The far more crucial dye coated layer, however, is made up of countless data bits. While the vast majority of CD-Rs are manufactured with either an inexpensive Azo or Cyanine dye, Archival Gold recognizes that these substances accelerate data deterioration and disk rot. Our specialized Phthalocyanine dye withstands the threat of UV light, humidity and heat. Secondly, this dye possesses a much quicker reaction to the writing laser used to read the data than standard dyes. As a photographer, this means CD drives can easily transfer your images with absolutely no visible errors when being viewed through your device.
3- As mentioned, a unique Archival Gold 24 karat gold-sputtered layer takes full advantage of this element's inert qualities. Unlike silver and aluminum based reflective layers, gold is naturally resistant to oxidization that causes errors, corrosion and data degradation to the essential dye layer. Oxidization is oftentimes made visible through markings and even discoloration on the polycarbonate layer. Delkin's carefully controlled manufacturing processes further prevents threat of disc rot.
4- A lacquer coating that is present in all standard CD-R discs is the primary and necessary protective layer for your data.
5- Only Archival Gold discs utilize an additional Scratch Armor protective layer. We feel that this layer plays a crucial role in protecting your files because of its strategic placement near the data itself- especially because the top of the disc is oftentimes neglected by the user.
6- All Archival Gold discs are manufactured with a thermal printable gold color surface. Delkin also now offers all of our discs with Inkjet printable surfaces, allowing you to customize in the convenience of your home.

Delkin Devices' Archival Gold specs are based on international temperature and humidity standards to obtain an accurate longevity rating. Each disc is subjected to an accelerated aging chamber and periodically removed to ensure that it is capable of writing and playing back data properly.